Everything you need to know to start living a creative and self-nurturing life is already buried deep inside you just waiting to be found and it is your creativity that can un-earth it.

I have been where your are now. Disconnected from everything that makes you 'you'. Adrift in a haze of days filled with things you have to get done with no time for self-care (and do you even know what self-care means to you!?). In a 'stuck' place that you just can't seem to move through. You want to honour your own truth and re-connect with yourself but you just don't know how.

I know that fostering creativity in our busy lives plays a huge part in centering our soul, it is the backbone of self-care.

I am here to empower you to honour your truth and share you story (even if it is only with yourself), especially in times of change and insecurity. I want you to feel the strength that comes from this. Unshakable courage and immeasurable growth comes from cracking yourself open, getting to know yourself and putting it all back together again.

I have experienced art and creativity as a catalyst to healing and believe that living with wild creative abandon is soul medicine. Self-care completely re-imagined.

More than anything I am a 'believer of brave' of my brave and yours and the everyday awesomeness that comes with that.