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have you ever wished you could create without your inner critic showing up to crush your creativity? 

What if you could overcome your fear of the blank page without having to tear half of them out in frustration?

Imagine if you could take time out with your art journal, 100% guilt-free

WOULD YOU BELIEVE me if i told you that your art journal can reveal your truest self care needs?


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are you really calling your pretty pinterest board of art & self love quotes 'self care'?

you're deluded.

(sorry. not sorry.)

I've gotta tell it to you straight, because you're sure as hell not going to be honest with yourself right now. Don't be duped, it doesn't matter how many pretty Pinterest quotes you print out and plaster your walls with, you're not going to get out of the funk you are in without diving deeper; quotes, comparing yourself to other creatives, following cookie cutter YouTube tutorials and reading self help books just isn't gonna cut it.


I know you have an inkling that creativity is the secret to your self care or you wouldn't be here. 


You crave time for yourself but you never make it a priority. You put others first.

You need to make sense of the chaos but you never allow yourself space. You're busy.

You dream of adventures (big and tiny) but you never know where to start. You're stuck.

You're fed up with not getting what you want but you never speak out. You're holding back.

Your disconnect is real. Your overwhelm is constant. Yet your self care is non existent. 

You want to express yourself creatively. But the scary white page stops you.

You wish you could experiment more. But your inner critic shouts loudly.

You yearn to write and create from your heart. But your mind goes blank.

You've got so many supplies. But your overwhelmed by them instead of inspired by them. 

I also know that, done right, your art journal is the secret to getting clarity on all of this. 

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" Fantastic class and amazing experience! To be able to find someone that has ways that help me understand creative self-care and creative healing better, to discover support for my own self-care, and to be invited into a community that has been created for the support and sharing of knowledge for creative self-care is an opportunity that I am grateful for and embracing as an experience of being exactly where I am supposed to be! " 

Jessica Miller


The 30 day self care challenges and the gratitude journals can't fix this. But you already know that, you've tried all the superficial quick fixes that Pinterest tells you will work. You even tried to read The Secret. Pffft!

It doesn't matter how many massages or pretty pedicures you get done, until you get clear on who YOU are and what YOU need (because self care looks different to everyone) you're going to stay stuck right where you are.


Obsessing over other peoples art journal pages won't fix this. But you already know that, you've tried all the stencils and journal prompts, you've got hundreds of art supplies that you're too scared to use and beautiful journals you are too afraid to 'ruin'. It doesn't matter how many step by step, follow along video tutorials you watch, you will never be able to create from a place of freedom if you do not give yourself permission - permission to explore, to make mistakes and happy accidents. 

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A 6 week art journaling course for beginners, that teaches you to cut to the heart of your hurt. You’ll learn why self care is important for your well being, how to identify YOUR self care needs, what excuses you are using that hold you back, when to listen to your inner critic and how to respond to her. You will make huge shifts in your mindset and identify your core values and learn to make choices that are in alignment with them. 

You will find your way back to yourself, all by using the secret power of creativity.

"I am a trauma survivor with a lot of muck to work through, and your course has been a wonderful aid in the healing process. I cannot thank you enough for the guidance you provide and the way you provide it. Every lesson is rooted in compassion and kindness"


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" I just knew this course was going to be the life-opening outlet it has been.  The day I was filling out the application I had just gotten out of a round of treatments at the hospital the night before.  I remember feeling like the course was going to remind me of what I wanted in life. It has been that and so much more.  It has reminded me of who I am. ”

Layne Lyons


Art Your Heart Out Online Classroom

The classroom is laid out in an easy to follow format, together we will work on one module week by week with plenty of action steps each week. This course is much more than inspiration, its about taking action and making changes aligned with you, don't worry I will be there to hold your hand the entire way. 

You will have access to a private group with your newest creative-self-care-seeking besties. This will be the hub where I will give feedback on your work and answer all your questions.


>> Identify ways to make time for your creative practice in your busy life

>> Craft a creative nook in your home

>> Write your own ‘permission giving’ mantra

>> Gather your supplies

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>> Learn the foundations of self care

>> Determine your core values

>> Take a self care assessment and begin to shift your mindset

>> Discover what art journaling means to you


>> Overcome your fear of the blank page

>> Learn three background techniques

>> Play with mark making

>> Understand how your need to control the outcome is hindering you in creativity and in life



>> Learn where to seek inspiration (and how to find it within)

>> Three techniques for collecting and housing your inspiration and findings

>> Push your boundaries by trying something new that will inspire your artwork


>> Befriend and find compassion for your inner critic

>> Learn three texture techniques that teach your inner critic to chill out

>> Write an inner critic crushing statement to use in art journaling and everyday life

>> Learn to look at yourself with kind eyes



>> Learn my no-drawing-skills-required drawing technique

>> Discover new ways to ‘write’ in your journal without a pen/pencil

>> How to combine everything you've learnt into one journal page

>> Methods to build a habit for your creative self care practice


box of brave

Bonus Module One:

Live more with intention and less from habit

  • The key difference between intentions and goals
  • Write intentions aligned with your core values
  • Set SMART intention-led goals

Bonus Module Two:

Turn self limiting beliefs into brave wisdom 

  • Discover your self limiting beliefs
  • Flip them into reassuring words of brave wisdom
  • Create your own box of brave
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"I am enjoying seeing that I am not alone in this - it is a supportive group and Claire is a great motivator and positive role model"







I exist for self care seekers, sick of the same old soulless solutions that never work. I know that self care is not surface deep. Superficial fixes cannot reach. We have to look beyond the bubble baths and self help books, we have to look within, the answers we crave can be uncovered with techniques found in Art YOUR Heart Out.

Why me?

I am a qualified art teacher, experienced mental health support worker, mindset shifter and self care champion - yep, I am completely obsessed with your creative self care.

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"This has been a life raft in a stormy sea and the outcomes far exceed expectations - a whole new found confidence to just 'be' and a validation of my place in my world -thank you Art Your Heart Out"  

Kerry Moisan

"I've learnt that that it's okay to take time for yourself to recharge. We all live busy lives. As a woman we may be a parent, daughter, caregiver, lover, wife, girlfriend, boss, co-workers...and so many other titles. So what's wrong with just taking a little time just for "you" to play, create, write & reflect? Absolutely nothing ♡ You don't need expensive supplies just a notebook, pens, felts & watercolours or whatever you want....it's just for YOU! I have enjoyed sharing with everyone in the group and the feedback has been humbling & open"

 Darcie Wright


" I absolutely loved Art YOUR Heart Our. Yes, I learned so much about making a beautiful art journal, but truly I learned even more about myself. I found an inner courage to express myself through art that I didn't know I had inside me. I faced my fear of the blank page. I celebrated art that didn't look how I thought it would turn out. I discovered my own creativity and voice on the page. Since taking Art YOUR Heart Out I look at the world with different eyes, things seem more colorful, vibrant and definitely more accepting. Claire is a fantastic teacher, she is supportive and warm and will hold your hand as your journey into new and challenging spaces in art. I always felt comfortable reaching and stretching with Claire guiding me and helping me be kind to myself along the way. I highly recommend Art YOUR Heart Out to anyone looking to get in touch with their inner artist...and themselves' 

Layne Lyons


+ When does this course start?

The course will be available to you immediately

+ How much time will this course take?

This is a self paced course with the aim of students completing one module per week. You will have access to the entire classroom and can move through the lessons at your own pace. Assessing your self-care, addressing mindsets, and diving deep into your intentions can bring up a lot of emotions. This is why I encourage you to go through the course at the suggested pace of one module per week and not rush ahead.

+ What extra materials will I need - are they expensive?

There are some basic supplies you may need to buy if you don't already have them, however I am a believer in using what you find and inexpensive materials. The basics you will need are: acrylic paints, a journal/pieces of paper, watercolours, oil pastels/wax crayons, tissue paper, glue, scissors, a pen and a computer/tablet to view the lessons. There will be a lesson on supplies at the beginning of the course. 

+ I have some art journaling experience already, is this course for me?

The main focus of this course is art journaling for self care. The 'art' techniques in this course are for beginners, however there are 'journaling' and 'self care' techniques that work alongside these basic art techniques. If you are not a beginner art journaler you will be able to add your more advanced techniques to the journaling and self care exercises. 

+ What if I need additional support or have personal questions?

You can reach out to me at any time by email or in our private Facebook group specifically for this course.

+ I have an additional question that's not covered here, who can I contact?

Shoot me (Claire) an email right now > creativehearthealer@gmail.com

+ Will I have direct access to Claire during the course?

No, this is currently a self paced course. However if you experience any problems I am always happy to hear from you to fix them. You can reach out to by email at any time. 

+ Do I have to start this course right when I enrol?

No, you will have lifetime access to the course material. 

+ What's your refund policy?

I do not want you to be unhappy with this course so for that reason I offer a 14 day refund provided that you show me your filled out worksheets and that you've completed Module One and Module Two. Deciding you can't afford the course anymore, not wanting to do the work, or suddenly changing your mind about your level of commitment does not warrant a valid reason for a refund. By purchasing this course you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and other clauses located at the bottom of this page.

+ What is the course format?

Art YOUR Heart Out is taught via a 'classroom' on the Teachable platform. There is a mix of presentations, videos, audio and PDF's. All modules will be available at all times. You will receive an email each week guiding you through the current module. 

+ Do I need to submit assignments?

If you would like personalised feedback then please do submit your work in the Facebook group, I cannot guarantee feedback as this is a self paced course however I do enjoy looking at everyone's work and can't hold back from commenting most of the time! 

+ How do I enrol?

You will need to click the enrol button on this page, you will be taken to a log in/sign up page for Teachable. If you have previously taken a course using the Teachable platform you will need to sign in and then you will be able to complete your payment. If you are new to Teachable, please create an account and then you will be taken to the payment page.

+ Are there installment payment options?

You will have the option to make your payment in two monthly installments of $85.00 AUD. Our super high tech and secure system means you don't have to transfer money manually to me each month. Too easy! Of course, when taking up the installment plan, you agree to pay the balance in full. Remember, this isn't a monthly membership, you'll be making repayments on something you already committed to and received.

+ What happens after I buy?

You will receive a confirmation email and will be able to begin right away.