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your self care is your business' secret weapon



You’ve nailed the website design, the message, the marketing. you’ve taken care of the FB Ads, the webinars and the email funnels. but when it comes to taking care of YOU in your business

you’re winging it.

You’re a 9-5 superhuman, a side-hustling creative, who loves helping others, putting your big brave ideas out there into the world.

You’re gutsy.

You’re on the path to entrepreneurial success.

BUT. You live with your laptop (literally). Moving it from office, to kitchen, dining table and even to bed as you work. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, juggling 100's of ideas, comparing yourself to other biz owners and wondering when you’re gonna 'get it together' and become the business-savvy woman you were born to be.

Truth is, you ARE your business.

Your self care is the lifeblood of your business.

and yet you are at the bottom of your to do list.

You’re actually on the patH to entrepreneurial burnout.


I get that you are delaying prioritizing YOU until your business is ready for you to take a break. This is the paradox of success. Your business will never be ready for you to take a break if you aren't prioritizing YOU.


If you’re frazzled and burnt out, how can your business operate from an inspired and impactful place?

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It’s time to buckle down and align yourself with your business. That’s where I come in.

I’m your self care strategist.

Consider me the missing link between a frazzled business brain and an energized business experience.


I was you. I know the struggle is real. I also know the solution is simple. The solution is self care. Not the airy-fairy cringeworthy kind. But real actionable self care strategies that will support you and the success of your business, to maximize your energy, minimize your overwhelm, master your martyr mindset and maintain focus.

I am here to show you that your grit-fueled, 'I’m too busy' mindset, leads to counterproductive practices.

Stop being a slave to your business and learn to streamline with self care.


coming soon

Overwhelm Overhaul: Balance your priorities and regain your sanity with savvy self care

An online course specifically for creative entrepreneurs to help juggle ‘all the things’. You will learn simple systems and self care strategies to maximize energy and minimize overwhelm, how to crush your comparison obsessed inner critic, set achievable feel good goals and ultimately get your work/life balance back.

get on the wait list now to be the first to know when the course launches and to enrol at VIP pricing. 

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Hi I'm Claire Laraine

Self care Strategist

I'm self care obsessed.

I am also a creative soul and passionate educator, a qualified art teacher and mental health support worker, best known for my online course Art Your Heart Out. 

When launching my business, Creative heart Healer - teaching art and creative strategies to clueless self care seekers - I quickly fell prey to the demands of entrepreneurship and realised I needed to take some of my own self care advice!

I am now on a mission to show burnt out, overwhelmed, creative entrepreneurs that self care is the secret weapon to their business' success. 

Consider me your all round creative self care champion - spurring you on from the sidelines.

When I'm not getting messy in my art room, I'm usually hanging out at the beach with my giant dog, for sun, sea, swims and sand between the toes kind of self care.

PS: Self care is NOT bubble baths and woo woo crystals. Oh and its NOT SELFISH either. Ever.