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New workshop! To teach you how to create your own Box of Brave by learning to turn your self limiting beliefs into nuggets of brave wisdom.

Look out below for an audio file excerpt from the Trust in Your Bones workshop!

This is one of my most favourite creations, and  I want to tell you a bit of the back story, I think you will find it as inspiring as the tutorial itself. 

About 8 years ago my family went through a bit of a tough time. We all 'handled' the situation in our own way. My Dad cut himself off, my middle sister threw herself into her work, my younger sister found support in her friends, I went to Cambodia volunteering and my Mum, well she soldiered on and supported us all through our heartache and her own.


She has always been the constant of our family. She is always there no matter what, she will always put our needs before her own. She is Mum. But it was around this time that she started to remember that this is not all she is. She started to remember her big dreams, she spoke to me often about wishing she was brave enough to travel the world too, or brave enough to try this and that. But amid the Mum life and the globs of chaos she had forgotten how. Forgotten why. Lost sight of her deepest needs and inner truths. She was stuck somewhere in between.

It was her that inspired me to make The Box of Brave. I packed it full of love, strength and bravery. My goal was to remind her that she IS that brave being she wants to be, that she has the strength inside herself to make bold decisions, to take wild adventures and to live the kind of life she wants to live. 

It has become both a reminder and a reassurance to her. A comfort. She tells me it is one of her most treasured possessions (don't all Mum's say that about their kids creations though!) Sometimes she will pick a notelet and carry it in her pocket as a sort of mantra for the day. Other times she will carry the whole box in her handbag or leave it sat on her desk at work. I never imagined it would become as valuable to her as it has - as I now live on the other side of the world and we can't always have a chat or hug whenever we feel like, it makes my heart happy that she turns to her box of brave instead.

I have taken this idea one step further an combined the creative art project with a creative thinking exercise that will support you in overcoming self limiting beliefs and turn them into nuggets of wisdom, to fill the box of brave with.  

By flipping your self limiting beliefs over into reassuring more positive beliefs you open your brain up to new possibility. The possibility of other options, of other outcomes. If you focus on the negative, you will only see the negative options. If you focus on the positive you will look for more positive alternatives. This isn't just pie in the sky wishful thinking. Its about allowing yourself to SEE WHATS POSSIBLE. Learn how you can flip your self limiting beliefs in the workshop:


Learn how to overcome your self limiting beliefs and trust the faith within. Create a precious box full of little nuggets of your own heart's wisdom to support you in times of doubt. You will learn how to:

  • Discover your self limiting beliefs
  • Flip them into reassuring words of brave wisdom
  • Create your own box of brave

The workshop consists of an audio file and a step by step PDF.

Currently only available as part of a bundle when you get CREATIVE SELF CARE : A 'HOW TO' WORKBOOK