I'm going to take a bet that you fall into one of these two categories: #1 - you have zero supplies and feel completely overwhelmed with what you need to just get started #2 - you have so many art supplies and don't know how to use them all.

sound familiar? Both of those categories hold you completely stuck. the preconceptions we have about the supplies we need to get messy and get creative often make us fall at the first hurdle and prevent us from actually ever getting started.

Here are three big myths that I want you to keep in mind when you are next gathering your supplies.

1. *EXPENSIVE IS BEST* You do not need the most expensive supplies. Especially if you are a beginner. Expensive supplies can give us immediate paralysis because we are too scared to use them in case we 'muck it up' and waste our money. Our nice expensive paints just sit in the art box never getting used. Cheaper supplies give us permission to wreck them! To really push and see what they can do and have fun doing it.

2. *THE MORE YOU HAVE THE BETTER* Not true. If you already have a lot of supplies you will probably be familiar with the paradox of choice creeping in - stopping you from actually getting started. So keep things simple, fight the urge to buy everything at once. When you are ready to sit down and get creative, limit yourself to just two or three different supplies to stop the overwhelm. 

3. *YOU NEED ALL THE COLOURS IN THE BOX* More becomes less pretty quickly. Sometimes its best to start with just three colours and a white - its very easy to make MUD with more! You can create just as good pages with 8 oil pastels or paint as you could if you had a box of 24 - true story!