This is my story and the message I want to give is this - Never shrink your goals and dreams to fit someone else’s comfort zone.

Confession Time.
I didn’t go to uni to get a degree and have an ‘amazing’ career.
This is the real reason.

I grew up on a tiny little island. Not a tropical one, just a little rock north of France.
Its beautiful there. I had a great childhood.

But around about 16/17 years old I realised I didn’t fit. There were too many people. Too many small minded people. It was a safe bet. I could see my future mapped out there. Leave school. Go work in a bank. Hate it. Get married. Have kids. Hate it. Ok, maybe not hate, but I knew that wasn’t for me.

I craved something bigger. Something more. I knew I needed to get off that rock. And experience life (and the world) on my own. I knew there was more for me than working in a bank. So in 2001 I squeezed my (super-supportive) parents goodbye, hopped on a plane and left that tiny rock behind. And spent the next four years studying Textile Design at Uni.

But really I was studying life. I spent every break on a mini adventure. Visited all the nearby cities and art galleries. I spent the summer holidays backpacking abroad. I met people from all over the world. And soaked in their stories They taught me things I had never heard of.

I read books about self development instead of textile design, I was art journaling instead of writing essays. And everytime I visited home. I realised I had outgrown it a little bit more. I was winning.

I met up with my two best friends, one was working...in a bank. The other had a baby. We weren’t really aligned as friends anymore. They didn’t understand me and I didn’t understand them. The said I should come back home. Family members kept asking me that my ‘plan’ was, they told me to think about my future, that I couldn’t ‘keep doing this forever’, to grow up and settle down. I questioned myself for a little bit. Should I be settling down? Should I get a ‘proper’ job? My grandmother certainly thought so.

But I kept thinking, for what? For who? No, I wasn’t ready yet.

That wasn’t my path. I wasn’t going to shrink my goals to fit someone else’s comfort zone. I wasn’t going to deny my truth to fit the timeline that society created for us. I finished uni and spent the summer teaching foreign exchange students. I loved it. I went back to uni the next year with a clearer focus. I studied teaching. But I couldn’t work in a school. I didn’t fit. I needed more.

I studied and taught in Peru. I went to Cambodia, I taught english and textiles to women who were Polio and Landmine survivors so that they could work and support themselves. I still craved these experiences that had more depth, more meaning, more impact.

This way of living filled me up.
It wasn’t the ‘right’ way to do things.
But it was the right way for me. It was aligned with my truth. And without all of those experiences I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t know with certainty that helping others though Creative Heart Healer is exactly what I should be doing. It all led me here.

I am glad I went to uni and that I’ve never had a ‘career’.

Never shrink your goals and dreams to fit someone else’s comfort zone. 

If you are feeling like you are not where you supposed to be. Start exploring. Life. Take the time to figure out where you do want to be. The answer isn't always obvious. Or right in front of you. It takes exploration and being open to where it leads. Remember this. Education is not just school or uni. Education can also be a conference, an online course, mentorships, podcasts, new experience, travel.

You can take in education in so many ways. You don't have to fit into the boxes.