“Where do I schedule myself in?”


 I hear you, asking “Where do I schedule myself in?” I get it. Your super busy. You want ‘me’ time. You know you need it. You crave it in fact.

But there is just not enough time.

Where on earth do your schedule yourself in? Before work? After? What about the husband? Kids? And chores? Hobbies? Cooking dinner? Alone time with your humans? Who’s gonna walk the dog!?

So you end up not scheduling yourself in at all.

YOU are at the bottom of your own to do list.

Scrap that. You’ve fallen of it all together.

Who’s got time for self care, self love and journaling when there is so much to juggle?

The real question is, how can you afford NOT to schedule in time for yourself?

When you’re worn out, run down, burnt out and at breaking point, who is going to step in and take care of everything? Ermmm.....It’s still going to be you. 

How can you care for these people with all of your being, when all of your being has been squashed flat?

It’s SO important to look after yourself. To be the best version of you so that you can support the people you love to the best of your ability.

The only way to ensure you have time for yourself is to make it.

Find it. Make it. Schedule it in. Stick to your schedule.

It doesn’t matter where, when or how it fits in to your schedule. It just has to be there.

If it means waking up twenty minutes earlier, do it.

If it means sacrificing XZY once a week, do it.

If it means asking for help, do it.

Your future self will thank you for doing this now.

Don’t wait until you’re squashed flat. Prioritise yourself now.

Be proactive not reactive when it comes to self care.

I encourage you to take The Self Care Assessment - it can be a big wake up call to see where you are investing your energy and where there are gaps to be filled.

. Hit reply and tell me if there are any areas where you scored lower or higher than expected? Are you surprised with your answers? Is there anything you might start to change as a result of the assessment?