People pleasing impacts on your self care and health BIG TIME. (free preview of AYHO below!)

I have a confession to make.

I used to be one of those people. You know, a people pleaser.

I always said yes. I wanted to help people. People relied on me. I didn’t want to let them down. That's a good thing right?


People pleasing impacts on your self care and health BIG TIME.

Now I know that finding time and making space for me and my journaling is THE most important thing I can do.

I learnt that lesson the long way. About ten years ago I was feeling burnt out, run down, juggling too many things, I had recently moved house, I was supporting family members through a difficult time while trying to deal with the breakdown of a long term relationship, Everyday I could feel my needs getting squeezed out, yet still I said yes, yes, yes whenever anyone asked anything of me.

I continuously put other people’s needs before my own thinking this was the ‘compassionate human’ thing to do, or I made excuses that left me feeling guilty about it afterwards.

Why? Because I was afraid of confrontation.

Why was I afraid of confrontation? Because I wasn’t in tune with the reason I wanted to/needed to say no.

Eventually I couldn’t keep it up. I had to get away. I went all the way to Peru to figure this stuff out! I spent two months there, teaching, avidly journaling, hiking through the Amazon jungle and climbing to the top of the world at Machu Picchu .

The mindset work I did with myself in my art journal (without really realising) in this time was a game changer for me.

I returned back home with a sense of purpose, direction. I knew what I wanted, what my heart needed. I knew what to say yes to and when to say no. I felt a calm, inner confidence. I had compassion for myself like never before. Things just made more sense. I had clarity.

I KNEW that I needed to take care of me, prioritise myself, make space for me each day if I wanted to support others to the best of my ability.

I have kept this practice going, I check in with myself often. If saying yes is not in align with my core values I say no (I teach you how to discover your core values in AYHO and how to make decisions that support them and goals that align with them)

I get to live my life on purpose now.

I find time and make space for my journaling. I schedule it in. Without guilt.

I am living more from intention and less from habit.

Living. Not existing.

I am pleasing myself as much as pleasing other people. And it is not selfish. It is called self care.

Nothing is stopping you from living life on purpose too. Except of course yourself and your current mindset.

One of the biggest mindset blocks I have experienced as a coach is that people believe they do not have time or space for creativity. It is possible to find time and to make space.

It all starts there.

So, to save you from travelling all the way to Peru, I put everything I know about mindset shifting and art journaling into my course Art YOUR Heart Out. I so passionate about the importance of this so I am offering you the chance to preview Module One (which teaches you how to find time and make space!)