Whether you want to call it an art journal, visual diary, sketchbook, daily journal, they are all one of the same. I like to think of my art journal as a vessel to contain those parts that spill over the edges of life and often get lost in the busy and the chaos.

an art journal is the perfect vessel to contain it all. 

Over time your art journal becomes a safe place and a guiding post. A place to explore, to take risks, a place where the creative and the emotional sides of you collide with beautiful results.

I choose to use my art journal as a place to collect and to record life as it happens. It can contain paintings, photos, scribbles, poems, magazine cutouts, mixed media collage, fabric scraps, trinkets. 

If there is one thing I want you to know about art journaling it is this THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO ART JOURNAL.

Please don't put pressure on yourself to create the perfect journal, it is always a work in progress. It is much more about the process and what you feel and experience during it than the end result.

I truly believe that creativity is the most personal and honest remedy to the inner and outer chaos we come across at unexpected times in our life. And that self care lives in the layers of paint and mark making.

There are hidden benefits that emerge from an art journaling practice and these are the self care and wellbeing elements that are tricky to pinpoint but are always underlying.

The process of creating allows you to push your boundaries and take risks in a safe place, you learn so much about your story and your needs that you learn to look at yourself with kind eyes. Through making mistakes and experimenting with new techniques comes the skill of surrendering control and learning that you can’t always control the outcome. The best part is that they become your memory keepers in a way that nothing else can because throughout the journey it encourages you to look deeper into the world around you, trying to find all the beauty you can to document.

In my course Art YOUR Heart Out: Art Journaling as a self care tool, we dive much deeper into this topic. If you want to learn more and get on the wait list for enrolment (as well as be in line for free training and goodies) you can do that now.