creative self care a how to workbook

Transform yourself from clueless self care seeker to enlightened, action taking self care giver.

For the ones who are ready to do it differently.

For the ones who are sick of the soulless self care solutions that plague the internet and feel like just 'another thing to do'. For the brave. For the creatively courageous. The caregivers with the big hearts and the overwhelmed with the broken hearts.

For the ones who are ready to say no to the quick fix and a wholehearted yes to the magic of the creative thinking.

For the guilt ridden, people pleasing pushovers who can't say no. For the ones who are tired of being swept along and want to start living on purpose.

For the curious.

For the pretty Pinterest quote collectors craving real change. For the ones at the bottom of their own to do list. The chaos jugglers.

The ones who want more, but don't know what 'it' is.

THIS. This is for the ones who are ready to shake apart their old world.

Because your current self care practice doesn't seem to be working for you now and I can guarantee it won't start magically working for you in the future.